Guo Yin
This restaurant is a hidden gem that offers fantastic food and service. Their stream country eggs and chow men are a hit, especially with my 2-year-old son. The staff is friendly and accommodating, creating a welcoming atmosphere for families. A must-visit for delicious cuisine and exceptional service.
Janet Fong
Excellent Cantonese food. This is an absolute must-visit in Seattle International District.
Yukki Wong
This place is a little bit away from the busy blocks of Chinatown, so not much traffic but quality is top notch. Definitely try their house special fried rice noodle, outside is fried to crispy and the noodle inside are pack with flavors, we had pork and sauerkraut, it was well balanced! Duck was also so good, meat tendor. Unlike the BBQ duck, the five spiced duck here is so juicy! The home-made stuffed jalapenos is one of their special as well, spicy and delicious. Place is clean, staffs are very friendly as well. I didn't see the usual "impatience staffs" here, where I usually see in other Chinatown restaurants.
Connie W.
The owner came outside and let us try the shrimp & chives dumplings: it was very crispy and flavourful! Thank you for the great service and food.
Catherine Leung
I’m so glad there’s finally an authentic Cantonese restaurant in Seattle. I highly recommend this place especially the pan fried rice noodle and five spice duck. Everything we’ve ordered are very good and the owners are very friendly too.
Anna Chang
This is my new favorite restaurant in ID. It’s family-owned and all of the food we ate was delicious with large serving size. The inside of the restaurant was clean and pleasant to sit and hang out with friends. The waiter recommended the “house special fried noodle” dish that had the perfect texture, taste, and presentation. We didn’t want to leave!
Yizheng Logan
Even though we heard they are new, but food was top notch and so authentic. All owners and servers are really nice, they provided good quality service to their customers. lovely people and place! Too bad we are only visiting, otherwise this place would be our family gathering spot for sure :D
Aviva Salitra
New place that’s been here for about a month. The sweetest owners that make this place worth coming to over others. Their food is delicious and I’m glad I made the trip here!